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WW and working out.

So yesterday I thought I would be a super champ and bike with a co-worker for 6 miles and hike another couple miles.

Yeah, I died after the 6 miles. Then I went home and smoke a cigarette. Then I coughed all night because of the cigarette. I am such a retard.

Anyways, I ended up being able to eat 2 activity points. But get this - I biked at less than 10 mph and according to fitday.com, that is "a slow pace, like going to work, biking for fun". What!? I could not even talk. Fitday said I burned 150 cals. I am sorry, if I cannot talk for over a half hour, I burned more than that. I realized how out of shape I am. It's crazy. And the smoking is even crazier.

I was 162 this morning! God, I keep thinking back - I was 180 on Jan 1st! Jesus, 19 pounds. I feel a little better, but otherwise I don't notice the difference except I fit in a smallr pair of jeans. (16's were getting tight and that sucks.)

Now, I have to stick to my points this week. Tonight I am walking to Curves, going to try and do the whole 1/2 hour and walking back. That calculates to an extra 3 activity points. Then I want to go to Sam's and walk with Fronk and Brian tonight for at least another 1/2 hour. That's another point.

Jamie and I figured out that they only let you eat 1/2 of the points back that you burned. Pretty nifty, so I am eating those fuckers.

It's sad that the only thing that motivates me to work out somewhat is being able to stuff my face more. Jesus!

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Sorry about my potty mouth! hah!
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