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Does anyone know

Does anyone know how many points McDonald's new Snack Wrap has? I went with a friend and well we were eating in the vehicle and I wanted to get a salad but didn't want to eat salad in her car so I got this Snack Wrap McD's has now. It is a tortilla w/lettuce, a crispy chicken piece some shredded cheese and some ranch dressing. Not real big more taco size than burrito size tortilla.
and I also ordered the walnut fruit salad only it didn't have the walnut it had apples and grapes. I ate maybe 4 grapes and about the size of an apple of apple slices. I did dip a couple. What do you guys think I should give my lunch as points????

Did great yesterday... but I am soooo hungrey still... think i am going to have cucumber and a spritz of italian dressing.
Help everyone!!!!! I need you!!!

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