puttheforkdown (puttheforkdown) wrote in ww_diaries,

Oh What a Feeling

A while ago, before I started dieting, I found I had to replace one of my sets of jeans. Now, I hate clothes shopping. Passionately. So, I have a habit of finding a style/brand/what have you that I like, and sticking to it. Off I toddle to the store, and buy myself my new jeans, in the same size, style, make etc as my old jeans.

Three days later, I go to put them on and get a very rude/depressing shock. They wont do up. Not difficult to do up... flat out WONT. My current ones and stretched with me, but a true copy of that size... didnt.

I've discovered the salve to that however. Today, I put the damned things on. They did up. Not without a bit of a fight, but they did up. Progress marked! It will be an even sweeter feeling when I need to get a belt for them, and finally when I have to completely downsize to a new pair.

Take THAT you blue cotton demonspawn!
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