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i've been fat all my life, except when i was a kid, pre puberty. i've tried weight watchers, south beach, ediet, other stuff...i've lost weight and gained it back i'm still obese,however,i've had a paradigm shift. it's no longer a struggle to eat right it's no longer like pulling teeth to make healthy choices i saw television show called "the 750 pound man", a man named john keitz, bed bound for 7 years and still he said he felt like he could eat crap sometimes..whoa, what a wake up call, how many times have i justified eating junk. anyway, i've always heard that you won't lose wait until you really want to, it's true. i walked down the cookie isle today in the grocery store and felt like rocky running up the steps, que the music. bc i didnt crave not one little cookie. just like drugs and alcohol...of which i am in recovery from..7 years food (for me) is not a one day at a time thing, it's a moment at a time. hope is here. carmen
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