Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar (mercae_killar) wrote in ww_diaries,
Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar

Weigh in day, and feeling good

Starting weight: 391 pounds
Current Weight: 382 pounds
Loss this week: 2 pounds

Even though we are getting a little low on food supplies (that arent big family meals that is, we are well stocked there) I am still keeping track of my points.
I have a little journal (one of the many I collect) which I write down little notes about how many points a food is, and also what points ive consumed.
Some foods I just write down to remind myself i really don't need them
ex. Giant glazed honey bun from 711 (courtesy of kevin) 12 points. Most of my main meals equal to that.
ALso write down foods which i've tried which I really like. Such as a generic brand of real fruit popsciles. They are 0 points, but oh so flavorful.

Overall I think I'll be able to keep on track this time. my little 1 month hiatus is over (for a week now) and this progress is really motivating me.
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